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see this girl? this is my best friend. i’ve known her for almost 11 years now, and since the day i met her, she’s never left my side. we grew up together, and still now, while we’re almost 17 years old, we’re still learning and growing everyday. even though our backgrounds are completely different (she’s turkish and i am as dutch as can be), she understands me like no one else does. she laughs with me when i’m happy, she cries with my when i’m sad. everytime i’m done with this life, she’s the one who gets a smile upon my face, and everytime i just want to set everything on fire and watch everyone who has ever hurt me burn, she’s the one who takes away the imaginary matches and gives me some sunglasses which makes the world look a whole lot better. now i must admit, i’m not always the perfect best friend, actually i’m not always there for her, but i regret it every single time i hear she’s feeling bad or when she’s having a tough time. i try to make it up every damn time but sometimes i feel like what i am doing is nothing when compared to what she does for me. now i’m not trying to bring myself down, i’m just trying to give you all an idea, of what an amazing friend my best friend is, and how lucky i am to have her. she means everything to me. she’s my best friend, she’s so close to me that she’s like a sister. my house is her house, she’s welcome to stay here at any time. my family is hers and my stuff is just mine, she can have it if she wants it. i guess what i’m trying to say is, that i thank God every single day for waking her up in the morning, for giving me a friend like her, for the day i met her, almost 11 years ago. i never knew that six simple words would change my life forever. ”will you be my best friend?” i never thought that ”yeah, sure” would keep us together for 11 years. i love you, Rumeysa. <3

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